Aesthetic Medicine


​Vaccine Anti-aging is made of celis treated newbor bovine, known as stem cells, which have the ability to cure the progressive deterioration of the human body, it is considered a regenerative treatment for excellent results.


​​Aplication os stem cells

cells are able to identify and target organs affected by their homing effect returns functions and how some structures may be originated or autologous (men) mesenchymal (afterbirth).


Platelet-rich plasma

It is a fraction of blood which helps for cellular regeneration. This treatment makes the skin look more vitality and firmness.


Rejuvenation Techniques


Rejuvemax is an exclusive cabin collagen regeneration fail the revitalizing properties of the red light, restores the elasticity of the skin and give a younger, firmer and healthier appearance.

The results you can expect are a much more Young, fresh and glowing skin, the results can be observed after the second cycle of treatment.

Contraindications are people suffering from epilepsy, photosensitivity disorder or autoinmune diseases.



External laser is non-invasive technology that helps reduce cellulite and advanced body contouring system modeling. The science behind the laser lies in its ability to stimulate the reléase of triglycerides from fat target cells.


This process, releasing wáter, free fatty acids and glicerol from fat cells, is not only natural, it is essential for the human body to function.

In this external laser is a breakthrough technology noninvasely with excellent results and only in ONA.


The Micro-Peeling stimulates blood circulation, eliminate superficial wrinkles. It helps renew the skin layers.


In a Peeling, controlled chemical agents are used to renew the skin layers at a deeper level.


Microdermabrasion is a "scraping" of the skin performed ​​with different tools, which also aims to eliminate the most superficial layers and damages of the face, and achieve cell renewal.


Photo Rejuvenation, is based on the use of visible light to identify in colors. The different wavelengths, free up particles striking the skin penetrating cells. The effects obtained in the application of photo stimulation therapy in the area of aesthetic medicine, are aimed at improving the appearance and health of skin, and help reduce inflammation and pain in patients.

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