In ONA Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery we think of you and your family for you conevience besides that to achieve health and well-being should not constitute grounds for anxiety.


For this work together with a finantial institution dedicated oriented to grant personal loans to health care.




Requirements to obtain a Credit


​-Have any of the following identifications

-Credential current voter

-Valid Passport

-FM2 and FM3 formats for foreing force

-Be between 18 and 75 years (age 67 and up to 75 years will guarantee)

-Submit a copi of proof of income (be it format or informal activities) covering one month.

-Submit a copu of proof of residence (máximum one month old)

- Having landline or direct contact (not applicable cell)

-Having 2 personal references (one of which should be familiar) with landline.

-Have a mínimum income of $4,000 a month.

-Have a mínimum age of 6 months employment current address.







-No loss of heritage in an emergency.

-Access to timely medical care.

-Choice of different treatment options and physicians.

-Access to improved technologies, more confortable and safe

-Payment by montly installments

-Scheduling payments according to their abilities.




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