Reconstructive surgery is generally used to make changes caused by disease, trauma or mutilation in specific body regions.  Its aim is to restore the original appearance of the patient and restore functionality to its members, besides getting a favorable and aesthetic appearance for them. Reconstructive surgery may be facial, breast, abdominal, gluteal, upper limb or lower limb, etc


Breast Reconstruction Surgery (MC) is used, after a mastectomy, when the woman wants to reconstruct a breast or both. The patients natural tissue (muscle, skin and fat) may be used or other special implants can be used.

Reconstruction Surgery Hand (MC) is one of the most complex in its construction and operation.  This surgery aims to restore shape and function to the hand.

Birth Defect Repair Surgery is practiced mainly in newborns. The aim is to correct genetic defects by surgery. The most common defects are cleft lip and palate, craniofacial abnormalities and deformities attributable to upper limbs, hands and feet, among others

The sex reassignment surgery, is a surgical procedure in which a genital reconstruction is performed and complementary male and female physical characteristics are respectively modified. In this procedure the collaboration of our multidisciplinary team in psychology, psychiatry and endocrinology is indispensable.

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