Endoscopic Surgery (EP). It is used when access to the área are difficult. It offers optimal results, because of the precition which endoscopic cam that is introduced in the surgery área offers, Due to the invasive minimun and the puniness of the incisions. Recuperation is really fast, Does not leave major injuries on the skin and the patient is incorpored in a brief time to their daily life.


Plastic Surgery




​​Minimally invasive surgery (MI). It is used for simple surgical interventions from different parts of the body, like foot, ears, face, abdomen, etc. Recuperation time is faster tan conventional surgery, it is ambulatory and involves less risk. Ask to your doctor your procedure is indicated with this tecnique.


Microsurgery ( MC ). It is an extremely accurate surgical technique, its invasion is almost imperceptible and leaves no scar on the skin. The surgeries are ambulatory and are made with advanced technology that favors the recovery process. Microsurgery involves less risk and aggressiveness to the body, with minimal discomfort.


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